Thank you to everyone that helped us be so successful!

A lot of what we’ve done this past three weeks was really difficult to do. It’s not that often that people can truly see a community coming together for something so quickly. At the beginning of our launch, we knew the amount of work it would take on our end. However, we knew that it didn’t matter what we did, if nobody who heard about us wanted to help us out, too.

All in all, The Backpack Fund has managed to raise almost $7,000 for children in need! We cannot stress enough how impressed we are with everybody, and not only how happy we are, but how happy hundreds of families will be, knowing that they have less to worry about.

And it still rattles our brains that all of this was able to happen in three weeks. When this company was started, there wasn’t enough time or money to really establish ourselves as a non-profit. But then, everything changed so suddenly. We launched ourselves off the momentum of a great first day, and used the rest of the time to grow ourselves more than we ever thought we could in just three weeks. We found out that it doesn’t take that long to change the lives of those around you. All it takes is time, dedication, and just enough kindness to set off a movement. And that’s what we’ve done here, as a charity and as a community. We’ve brought light to an issue not many people knew about, and helped hundreds of people impacted by it. And for that, we at The Backpack Fund have one big, resounding message to say.

Thank You.

Thank you for helping others these past three weeks. You all have been the kindest people around, taking care of your neighbors, your friends, and everyone around you. We’re showing how much that is next weekend, during The Backpack Fund Supply Drop. This Saturday, August 22nd, we’ll be in four spots all around Lake County handing out all the school supplies bought through your donations! Here’s where we’re gonna be this Saturday:

10:30 - Noon: Grand River Village Merrick Hutchinson Memorial Park
12:30 - 2:00: Old Pat Catan’s Parking Lot (Next to Marc’s) in Mentor
3:00 - 4:30: Leroy Elementary School
5:00 - 6:30: Painesville Township Park

This is gonna be for passing out supplies, and collecting any that anyone might want to donate themselves. We hope to see you there!