We could never anticipate the success of the Supply Drop this year!

The Backpack Fund Team

On August 13 we distributed 516 backpacks and school supplies directly to kids in our community! Every backpack that our donors helped fund was delivered directly to kids in 6 hours!


We distributed 193 backpacks at Painesville Township Park, 140 at Mentor Ave, 99 at Morley Library, and 84 at Longfellow Elementary in Willoughby!

A large part of our success this year was our expansion into Willoughby. Mia from the Bangerter Law Office led the way in Willoughby! We formed many new partnerships. The 84 backpacks at Willoughby were distributed in under 10 minutes!

The combined efforts of donors and businesses led to over $9,000 in fundraising! This exceeds our totals from 2020 and 2021!

The Emily Ringler Memorial Scholarship was awarded at Riverside’s commencement! Paige Veselko was the third recipient of the scholarship and last year’s recipient Gabrielle Fender was there to congratulate Paige.

The Backpack Fund also became a 501(c)3 nonprofit in 2022!

2 years after starting The Backpack Fund, we have become what we set out to be. Our organization is completely community-driven to create opportunities for students to pursue their education through support for each other.


The Backpack Fund was back for year two and we were able to improve on our success from last year. We donated 509 backpacks and school supplies directly to people along with 168 more to Riverside and 32 to Madison Schools.
709 backpacks and school supplies total!

We distributed supplies at 5 stops this year and here is the breakdown:
  • 67 at Painesville Township Park
  • 98 at Tractor Supply Co Parking Lot (Mentor Ave)
  • 144 at Morley Library
  • 72 at Grand River Park
  • 128 at Madison Public Library

We expanded to Madison this year! The expansion was led by 3 Madison alumni and it was a huge success!

Also brand new to this year was our volunteer packing event! 14 volunteers packed all the backpacks with school supplies in 3 hours at Parkside elementary.

The Emily Ringler Memorial Scholarship will always be a part of The Backpack Fund. This yeaar it was awarded to Gabrielle Fender!

To give back to our donors we raffled off over $750 in donated prizes. Over 100 donors donated over $7,000 this year!

The project was also suppoted by over 500 volunteer hours from our staff and volunteers!

All of this because we dreamed BIG and YOU have shown that all kids can dream BIG too.


The Backpack Fund donated 552 backpacks full of school supplies fit for K-12 students

Volunteer staff spent 300 hours putting it all together...

... And here's the result.

We awarded a $1,000 scholarship to Olivia Sutter to honor Emily Ringler

Over 110 donors fundraised nearly $8,000 in just three weeks!

As a community, we demonstrated our shared belief that kids are capable of anything. Every person involved with the project played an important role in helping kids reach their dreams.