The Backpack Fund Rallies Community Together for the Second Week in a Row

We at The Backpack Fund spent a lot of time this week clearing up the questions and concerns many people had and began to focus on a final push to reach our donation goal of $20,000.

This week, we started many important partnerships that not only help people know who we are, but help us do what we want to do. We announced our partnership with the Riverside Local School District, which both helps us spread our name, but also provides a cohesive list of supplies and where people are that might need them. Not only that, but we’ve partnered with some amazing people to help us out along the way. Our current MVP partner is Nick Fitzgerald, a 2016 graduate of Riverside High School. He has very similar goals to ourselves, but he has been out there working on it for years. Since then, he has been able to help us out in not only securing school supplies and talking with suppliers, but getting the word out to people in need.

So what’s next for The Backpack Fund? We’re always open to corporate partnerships, as this weekend we’ve quietly unveiled our corporate sponsorship plan, which starts at $500 of aid and includes more and more gestures at as high as $2,000.

You may have noticed our flyers at businesses all around Painesville! We have started working closely with multiple companies, and we hope others will jump in as well!

We’ve spent the past two weeks rallying together a community that has raised over $6,000 for children in need. However, we’re approaching our last week of fundraising, and we need that community to stand up one more time. With one more week of hard work, dedication, and working together as a community, we can truly change the future and ensure something good for hundreds of students in need.